Polyphonic.org Webinar on Expanding a Freelance Music Career

By November 7, 2013 December 9th, 2013 Blue

“How to Build and Expand a Freelance Career in Your City and Beyond”

Are you moving to a new city and looking for ways to start a successful freelance career? Have you been freelancing in your city for a couple of years but want to expand your career and find more opportunities?  Join us for this informative webinar as our presenters share their stories, ideas, and strategies for making connections and finding opportunities in your city and beyond.  If you are looking to build or expand a freelance career in music, this webinar will provide a wealth of valuable information and leave you energized and inspired!


Peter Sachon, Freelance cellist; New York, Chicago, Atlanta
Catie Hickey, Freelance trombonist
Chris Thibdeau, Conductor/Cellist

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