Winter in Rochester

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Now this is what I have been desperately waiting to talk about! You know why? Because almost 6 months of a long snowy winter is probably more than enough to have some “interesting” experiences that you would love to talk about… YES, you see, snow for almost 6 months is a regular occurrence in Rochester.

By the way, if you are from a warm country, just like me, the most interesting thing for you to know probably would be that snow can actually defy gravity! I am serious. Whenever there are BLOWING gusts, you see snow whirling several feet up instead of simply falling down. It’s as if it just wants to surround you like a ghost and carry you into the afterlife!

Alright, enough of scary things and in fact, I was expressing the feelings of my friends in my words. I am actually a bit unusual; I think freezing temperatures are actually pleasant and I love snow even though I am from one of the hottest regions in the world. There are some very good things about snow:

One, it never makes your clothes dripping wet like rain does and you can actually just wear a couple of more layers to stay alive in temperatures as cold as -18° C and be alright… maybe.

Two, snowfall is beautiful and romantic (it doesn’t hit your face and eyes as badly as rain drops). It’s especially lovely when the sun says hello to the snow and the world is bright and glimmering!

Three, snow doesn’t make the ground as muddy as rain does!

And, nonetheless, you can try new sports like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or even biking if you’re very adventurous and looking for a crazy experience! If you are a very calm person or just too scared to try these extreme sports, you can enjoy “snow shoeing” (although I don’t understand how someone can be willing to spend 40 to 50 bucks to just walk on snow, and I don’t dare ask the people who do).

There are some additional funny reasons to like snow depending on your personality. Say you’re a foodie: a snowy winter can make you eat like a monster and you’d probably love that! For a person who loves sleep, snow can make you want to stay in your warm bed and snooze a bit longer. For those who love to drift, snow-covered roads can be a great way to practice without burning out your tires! (Of course, I am kidding!) But yes, driving in snow can be a real challenge as the tires simply do not grip the road and it’s like ice skating. (There should be a new sport called “IRC” – Ice Rally Championship!!)

Anyways, here are some easy tips for getting used to snow and staying happy during winter in Rochester:

  1. Be childish.
  2. Make a snowman… or five!!
  3. Cheers! (Yes, that’s what I mean.)


– Shaival Desai ’14 (MS)


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