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Facilitating interdisciplinary nanoscience research

Developing new technologies and applications

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Notice to All URnano Users on Reopening Procedures

Starting on Tuesday, May 26, a selection of URnano tools will be available to select users. 
See the reopening procedures notice for full details and guidelines.

Facilities & Equipment

The Integrated Nanosystems Center, known as URnano, offers a unique set of nanofabrication tools for lithography, deposition, etch, and characterization.

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Applications & Partnerships

Our state-of-the-art nanofabrication center serves the University community, industry and corporations, as well as faculty and students at other institutions.

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Training & Education

We offer opportunities for faculty, students, outside researchers, and future technologists to use and apply nanofabrication tools to their work.

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A close up view of a circuit board.

Feature Story

Is teleportation possible? Yes, in the quantum world

Rochester physicists are exploring new ways of creating quantum-mechanical interactions between distant electrons. The research marks an important advance in quantum computing.

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