College Center for Advising Services

Pre-major Advisers

Pre-major advisers are assigned to students when they enter the College. For students in Arts and Sciences, advisers sign off on all academic decisions made by students through the end of the sophomore year unless students are already accepted into a major. Advisers in the Hajim School also sign off on their students’ academic decisions and furthermore, remain with their students at least so long as the students remain in the adviser’s department. The core adviser-student interactions are conversations about the student’s goals, objectives, qualities, and pursuits. Pre-major advisers are prepared to talk with students about the options open to them here, including courses, programs, co-curricular activities and support services, and to make appropriate referrals. During the sophomore year, students develop and declare their majors, and the adviser mantle passes to the student’s major department. Students are encouraged to contact academic departments at any time if they have questions related to requirements for majors or minors, even if they have not officially declared.

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