Introducing Julianna Romanazzi

In 17 minutes, Julianna Romanazzi will become the newest Three Percent blogger. Julianna is here all summer gaining invaluable publishing experience, such as “how to mail review copies,” “why we don’t edit Chad’s reviews,” and “why snarky blog titles are popular.”

She goes to Hobart & William Smith where she is majoring in comparative literature and minoring in Latin. (Latin!) Additionally, she’s interested in baking (and yet, she hasn’t brought us any treats! Interns!), and dances the Argentine tango.

As you may know, tango is a bit of an obsession in the office,
so I think she’ll fit in.

A lot of her initial posts will be of the more newsy variety—contests, awards, etc.—and will be adding events to our Translation Calendar. So, if you have any news stories, announcements, or upcoming translation related events, feel free to email here at julianna.romanazzi [at] hws.edu.

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