Latest Review: "One of Us Is Sleeping" by Josefine Klougart

The latest addition to our Reviews section is a piece by Jeremy Garber on Josefine Klougart’s One of Us Is Sleeping, out from Open Letter last month.

What can be said about a book like this? It’s one of those books that can make you feel like you’re reading it for the first time in the middle of winter, so you could justify the feeling of wanting to burrow into piles of blankets with your emotions and just think about things for a while, uninterrupted, and experience this feeling Klougart creates of demanding and forcing some distance between her narrator and the reader, yet simultaneously urging, yearning for, a closeness and unity. The phrase “all the feels” is something this novel makes tangible on a very deep level.

Jeremy’s brief review brings back all those feels, and it’s thrilling to see that others were affected in similar ways, or that others picked up on the same or similar things. Gah. This book, you guys, this book.

Here’s a peek at Jeremy’s take on it:

The first of Josefine Klougart’s award-winning novels to be translated into english, One of Us Is Sleeping (Én af os sover) is a dolorous, yet beautifully composed work of failed love, loss, and lament. The star of Klougart’s book is her gorgeous, evocative imagery and emotional acuity. With grief aplenty—mourning the fated end of a romantic relationship, as well as her ill mother—the Danish author’s sorrowful narrator is ever-conflicted, trying as she does to move beyond what’s been, despite being eternally bound to it.

For the full review, go here.


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