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Integrate archaeology, architecture, engineering, art history, and more

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Attend field schools in Bermuda, Italy, or Ghana

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Help interpret, conserve, and restore the world’s cultural heritage

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Major & Minor

Earn a BA degree or take coursework in archaeology, technology, and historical structures.

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Senior Projects

Student research covers a range of topics, from water-driven manufacturing in Upstate New York to structural analysis of Gothic cathedrals.

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We regularly host faculty and speakers from around the world during the academic year.

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Dome of the Pantheon

Feature Story

Ancient Roman concrete has lasted for centuries. Ours? Not so much.

Renato Perucchio, a professor of mechanical engineering and of biomedical engineering, says that if an architect today were to file paperwork intending to build the Pantheon—the Roman temple that has a 142-foot-high unreinforced concrete dome, the world’s largest—permission would be denied. “You would be told, ‘You can’t do it, because the material is not capable of resisting the mechanical stresses, because the material is unreinforced,’ ” Perucchio says.

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Blog artwork

Discovering Ghana

Follow the stories of seven University of Rochester students studying the engineering, architecture, archaeology, and culture of the coastal forts of Ghana.

Led by Professors Renato Perucchio, Michael Jarvis, and Chris Muir, and teaching assistant William Green, the students studied the engineering, historical, and cultural aspects of these structures; visiting other points of interest in Ghana – and sharing their experiences in this blog.

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