Full-time Undergraduate Students

Credit Hours at Time of Entrance
ClassFall TermSpring Term
Freshman - 2018 0 - 23 8 - 39*
Sophomore - 2017 24 - 55 40 - 71
Junior - 2016 56 - 87 72 - 99
Senior - 2015 88+ 100

*Students entering in the Spring semester with fewer than eight credits will be placed in the coming Fall term’s freshman class, i.e., Joe Smith, entering in Spring 2014 with four credit hours, will be classified as Class of 2018.

Other Categories of Students

  • Matriculated students
  • CA—Candidate for undergraduate degree (p-t); has at least 96 credits
  • MT—Matriculated undergraduate (p-t); has fewer than 96 credits
  • KF—Key Program student; designation used in fifth year (f-t)
  • KP—Key Program student; designation used in fifth year (p-t)
  • T5—Student in the Take Five program; designation used only between March of the fourth year and March of the fifth year (f-t)
  • G—Matriculated graduate (f-t or p-t)
  • Non-matriculated students
  • NU—Non-matriculated undergraduate (f-t or p-t)
  • NG—Non-matriculated graduate (f-t or p-t)
  • SA—Special Study Abroad, non-UR student on UR program (f-t)
  • CR—Candidate for certificate (f-t or p-t)
  • PB—Student admitted to Post-baccalaureate Pre-medical Program (f-t or p-t)

Students with numeric classifications wanting to be classified ahead need to submit their written request to the Center for Advising Services. In addition to having the minimum number of credits required, as shown above, students wanting to be seniors or juniors must have been accepted into an area of major. (See Acceleration and Reclassification.)

Students wanting to be re-classified from full-time to part-time status, or from part-time to full-time status, should see an adviser in the Center for Advising Services prior to the semester of the change. (Engineering and Computer Science students go to Lattimore 301.) Those who are not seniors will be asked to complete a brief form, needed to notify all relevant offices of all classification changes affecting tuition. (See Part-time Student Status.)

Students admitted as entering freshmen, who have sufficient transfer and/or AP credit to reclassify to sophomore or higher standing, may submit the petition to reclassify after the census date in the fall.  Such students are still considered to be freshmen for the purposes of the Rochester curriculum requirements.

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