Degree Audit

The Registrar provides degree audits to students at several points in their career.

Juniors can see their online degree audits at and review credit hours earned, primary writing, grade point average, and notation of major(s) declared.  Repeat courses and duplicate credit errors are corrected.  This audit is considered “unofficial.”

Rising seniors review their first official degree audit when they return in the fall of their senior year at  Declaration of the Rochester Curriculum  cluster report, is included in the online system.  Academic Records will receive a copy of this audit.

The second phase of the degree audit (review by departments and programs for completion of majors and minors) occurs soon after the drop/add deadline in the fall.  Rochester Curriculum and Cluster requirements are thoroughly screened, and all of the items mentioned in the first review are repeated.  Students receive the second review prior to registration in November.

A final review, for those who do not graduate in December, is completed when fall grades are available.

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