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Inactive Status

A student wishing to leave the College for a semester or more to study elsewhere, to work, or to do something else, may apply for inactive status at the Center for Advising Services or, for Hajim School students, in their school’s dean’s office. The application will not be approved until the fee of $60 for the first semester has been received. (Students wanting to leave for medical reasons complete a Medical Information Request form in Advising Services that is forwarded to UHS for their review and recommendation.)  The student pays $60 prior to each semester he/she wishes to be “inactive” or withdrawal procedures will be initiated. The student will be contacted via email by the Registrar during each semester that he/she is “inactive” in order to inquire about plans for the following semester. A student who has been “reactivated” for the following semester will be sent a housing contract. Priorities for room drawings will be determined by the Residence Halls based on information supplied by the Office of the Dean. Unofficial classification will be based on whether or not the student is taking courses while on inactive status. Financial Aid recipients are responsible for filing their aid forms in a timely manner. Credit for courses taken on inactive status must receive approval by the College and, if to fulfill major requirements, by the department as well. Grades of “C” or better must be earned.  This approval process will be undertaken by CCAS (or by the Hajim School) upon receipt of the official transcript and course descriptions. Course approval forms obtained by the student prior to return and submitted to CCAS will be filed in the student’s academic folder. (See Transfer Credit and Withdrawal for further information.)

Students who withdraw or declare inactive status after classes have begun through the first 50% of the term will receive a refund of tuition, activity and health fees according to the following schedule:

Before the first Sunday of the term: 100% refund
Before the second Sunday of the term: 90% refund
Before the fifth Sunday of the term: 50% refund
Before the eighth Sunday of the term: 25% refund
After the eighth Sunday of the term: 0% refund

Health insurance, room and board refunds are decided by the UHS, Residential Life, and the Services Division respectively.

Students who leave school during the semester are expected to be away for two full semesters. Requests for exceptions may be made to the dean.

Students cannot be “reactivated” if any monies are owed to the University. Students who have been placed on medical “inactive status” must be cleared by the University Health Service before “reactivation” can occur. 

Students who receive medical or psychological treatment during their time away are expected to consult with the University Health Service before reactivation will occur.  Students who leave for mental health reasons are normally expected to be away a full year. The University Health Service will not evaluate a student who left for mental health reasons in order to clear them for reactivation until at least six to nine months have passed since the student went inactive. However, students who went inactive during the fall semester may request reactivation in the following spring before room-draw and registration occurs. If deemed appropriate, the University Health Service may permit the student to be tentatively reactivated pending further evaluation in August. In August, the University Health Service will make a recommendation to the Office of the Dean either approving or denying final reactivation for the fall semester. In the latter case, the student will be given the opportunity to continue inactive status for the fall semester.

Students whose circumstances seem to be extenuating, although not medical, may write to the dean to explain the circumstances and ask for an exception to the published refund policy. The dean will review the case and decide if he is able to permit a pro-rate of tuition charges.

Any student who has been away from the College for more than 10 months must submit a new Health Form. All students are required to comply with the New York State immunization laws.

Please note that there is a five-year limit on inactive status.

Students who study abroad and want transfer credit may not be on inactive status, but must be on study abroad status. (See Study Abroad for more information.)

Students with questions about inactive status may see an adviser in CCAS or email

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