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Intercollegiate Registration

Courses taught during the academic year at area colleges (e.g., R.I.T., St. John Fisher College, Colgate-Rochester Divinity, Monroe Community College, Nazareth College or Brockport) are available to our students with no extra tuition charge if those courses are not offered here during that semester or if our courses conflict irremediably with their schedules. Registration forms are only available online at the Registrar's website, Please note that the dean’s approval (not the Registrar’s) is required of UR undergraduates. Courses, whether elective or required for the major, must be transferable and/or comparable to courses offered at UR.  Students taking courses at area colleges should apprise themselves of the differences in credit systems and plan accordingly. Students should be aware that grades received in area college courses will not be included in the grade point average, although they will appear on the University of Rochester transcript. Transfer credit is awarded if C or higher grades are earned.  Full-time students can take one course each semester; the program is not available to part-time students. (If you have special circumstances, please see an Adviser in College Center for Advising Services)

Courses taken for Army ROTC or Air Force ROTC may be credited toward the fulfillment of the requirements of the B.A. or B.S. degree for up to five academic courses (20 credit hours). Please note not all courses transfer. See an Adviser in College Center for Advising Services for more information or with questions.

Air Force ROTC Program-Semesters (Fall 2013-Present) 
This schedule has been arranged by special agreement between the Air Force program at RIT and our office.
RIT Credit Value Credit Awarded at UR
AERO401 National Security Forces I 3 3
AERO402 National Security Forces II 3 3
MGMT300 Air Force Management & Leadership I 3 3
MGMT301 Air Force Management & Leadership II 3 3
AERO201 History of Airpower I 1 1
AERO202 History of Airpower II 1 1
AERO101 The Air Force Today I 1 0
AERO102 The Air Force Today II 1 0
WMIL006 Lead Lab 0 0
WMIL001 Air Force ROTC Physical Training 0 0
Army ROTC Program-Semester (Fall 2013-Present)
This schedule has been arranged by special agreement between the Army program at RIT and our office.
RIT Credit Value Credit Awarded at UR
ARMY101 Introduction to Leadership 2 0
ARMY102 Introduction to Tactical Leadership 2 2
WMIL021 Army Leadership Lab 0 0
WMIL018 Army Conditioning Drills 0 0
HIST199 Survery of American Military History 3 0
ARMY201 Innovative Team Leadership 2 2
ARMY202 Foundations of Tactical Leadership 2 0
ARMY301 Adaptive Team Leadership I 2 2
ARMY302 Applied Team Leadership  2 2
ARMY340 Army Leadership Lab (1 credit x 8 semesters) 1 8
ARMY401 Adaptive Team Leadership II 2 0
ARMY402 Leadership in a Complex World 2 2

For information regarding credits from courses taken before 2013 or any questions please contact Brittany Morhac at

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