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Citation for Achievement in College Leadership

The Citation for Achievement in College Leadership Program offers students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through “leadership experiences” that combine specific academic study with a related practical application. Upon graduation, students successfully completing the Citation for Achievement in College Leadership receive a special notation on their official transcript and a certificate of recognition.

Citation Requirements

Students interested in the citation need to successfully complete at least three different leadership experiences from the approved list on the reverse. Each leadership experience has two components:

  1. An academic course (two-credit minimum) designed to prepare students for specific leadership work.
    NOTE: In the case of CAS 353, 354, & 355, students must complete an additional one-credit related independent study.
  2. A related, supervised leadership practicum that implements ideas from the preparatory course.

The Citation for Achievement in College Leadership is administered through the College Center for Advising Services. Students who plan to enroll in the program should use the online registration form on the CCAS website. Students should meet with an advisor in Advising Services no later than the spring of their junior year to review and submit the registration form.

Students can request an alternative leadership experience that meets the requirements above by preparing a detailed proposal to the Leadership Citation Committee. This should be done in consultation with a faculty supervisor and an appropriate advisor in the Center for Advising Services.


  • Joseph P. Dinnocenzo, Professor of Chemistry and Committee Chair
  • Deborah Rossen-Knill, Associate Professor, Director of the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program
  • Vicki Roth, Assistant Dean of The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Currently Approved Leadership Experiences
(Academic Courses and Related Practicums)
CAS 352: Workshop Leader 1 (2 credits)

Workshop Leader in*:

BIO 110, BIO 112, BIO 250, BIO 252; BME 210; CHM 131, CHM 132, CHM 137, CHM 171, CHM 172, CHM 173, CHM 203, CHM 204, CHM 210; CSC 161, CSC 171, CSC 172; ECE 111, ECE 113; EES 101; LIN 110, LIN 210, LIN 220; MTH 141, MTH 143, MTH 161; OPT 241, OPT 262; PHL 101, PHL 110

CAS 353: Workshop Leader 2 (1 credit) Must be supplemented by 1 credit of Independent Study.See CAS 352
CAS 354: Workshop Leader 3 (1 credit) Must be supplemented by 1 credit of Independent Study.See CAS 352
CAS 355: Workshop Leader 4 (1 credit) Must be supplemented by 1 credit of Independent Study.

See CAS 352

CAS 351: Leadership in the College Community (1 credit) and CAS 353: (prior to fall 2016), Leadership in the College Community II (1 credit) or CAS 356: (beginning fall 2016) must be taken in addition to CAS 351.Resident Advisor
CAS 358: Leader to Leader (2 credits)Supervised Leadership
HLS/PH 216: Peer Health Advocacy I (4 credits)Health Advocate
PHY 386: Teaching Internship I, Pedagogy TrainingWorkshop Leader in PHY 113, 122, 141, 142, AST 111
PHY 387: Teaching Internship II, Pedagogy and Group InternshipWorkshop Leader in PHY 114, 121, 143, AST 142
PHY 390A: (PHY 386 and 387 are pre-requisites)Advanced Supervised Teaching
PSY 301W: Teaching Psychology (6 credits)[PSY 301W]
WRT 245: Advanced Writing and Peer Tutoring (4 credits)Writing Fellow
WRT 247: Spoken Communication and Peer Tutoring (4 credits)Speaking Fellow
Registration Form

* Only students who led a Workshop for one of these courses and took a CAS 352 course (or 353, 354, 355 plus Independent Study) in the same semester are eligible.