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Jacqueline Levine

Messages and Condolences

Rochester's Center for Education Abroad is paying tribute to a pioneering colleague. To share your thoughts and memories about Jacqueline (Jackie) Levine, please send us an email with your name, your affiliation with the University community, and your public message, which will be posted on this page.

“I met Jackie when she still had black hair. It was a long time ago, she was in Italy to find her friend and colleague Donna Logan, head of the Roroad University Abroad study in Arezzo, Donna is also my friend, and so I met her.
Immediately Jackie overwhelmed me with his generous smile, apparently instinctive but in reality the peculiar and tiring result of the lucky few who manage to grasp the deeper aspects of the people they meet. She talked a lot, a sea of ​​words that being Italian sometimes I did not understand, but that Jackie loved life, that she loved her husband, her friends and her students, that she was in the world to take care of those around her caressing her never stingy with his extraordinary sense of humor and vivacity, I understood that perfectly. She had no children but she still had many, because her maternal sense was released impetuously towards anyone she met, and I was lucky enough to be among those lucky ones.Over the years, I often saw her, every time she came to Arezzo, and every time I was dragged by Jackie's extraordinary and contagious energy. When I learned from Donna that a degenerative disease had affected Jackie I could not imagine her deprived of her characteristic liveliness, it seemed to me impossible as well as immensely unfair that a disease could annihilate her strength and vigor. I was right, because if the disease has fiercely taken hold of his limbs it has failed to bend or weaken the memory of his brilliant mind, much less of his generous heart: those have survived unscathed, preserved in the deepest ravines of us privileged, those who met Jackie.

Francesca Vignali Albergotti