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The University of Rochester is committed to international education and to preparing students to take their place in the global political and economic community. This commitment ensures enthusiastic support for all students who choose to enhance their education by studying abroad.

Costs and Finances

For most students, studying abroad cost about the same as studying at the University of Rochester. We’ve highlighted what you need to know about financing your student’s study abroad trip on the following pages:

We also suggest checking out our scholarship page.

Health and Safety

Making sure your child has everything they need to stay safe and healthy while abroad is important to us. That’s why we make sessions on health and safety part of our mandatory pre-departure training. See the Health Care Guide and Checklist for Student Travelers.

Travel Insurance

All University of Rochester students are covered under the AXA Assistance plan, serviced by Mercer. There is no additional cost for this benefit. For more information, see the travel insurance and assistance.

Pre-Departure Orientation

Your son or daughter will go through a number of steps in order to study abroad. They will be enrolled in a non-credit-bearing, online course that covers topics such as:

  • Health and safety
  • Financial aid
  • Budgeting
  • Packing
  • Transfer credit

Through good preparation, we help make their transition to living overseas as smooth as possible.

Resources for Parents

Education Abroad Handouts:


Health and Safety Guidelines: