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One Community Program


The One Community Programming Fund is designed to support culturally based programming and enhance the understanding and appreciation of diversity and inclusion initiatives. We encourage collaborative programs or activities that exemplify the spirit and purpose of supporting diversity and inclusion in our community.

These funds can be used to help offset the cost of a new or improved program, especially when the costs for the program were not included in the budget request submitted during the previous year.

Students are invited to apply for this One Community Programming Fund. Funds will be awarded in two categories and will be reviewed by the selection committee.

Evaluation Criteria

All funding proposals should meet the following requirements:

  • The proposed program will educate the University of Rochester community regarding the value of diversity and inclusion and/or promote an understanding of issues involving underrepresented populations.
  • The proposed program will serve the needs and/or professional interests of underrepresented populations of our campus community. 
  • The proposed program may not be able to be funded entirely by an already existing budget (such as an SA-funded student organization or a departmental budget) and must have also exhausted other available resources.
  • The person/group proposing the program has the proper authority and expertise to carry out coordination of activity as described.
  • The proposed program is consistent with our communal principles and the idea that we continue to learn, discover, heal, and create to make our campus community an ever better environment in which to live in.


Funds are available to any student, staff, or faculty in the College. Special consideration is given to proposals that address issues of race/racism and that actively promote student engagement and participation.

Application Deadlines

The One Community Programming Fund proposals should be submitted well in advance of your proposed event or program date to facilitate review and processing.

For best consideration, please ensure that your proposal for funding is received by the selection committee by these dates:

  • Fall semester 2017 
    • September 11  
    • October 16 
    • November 13
    • Spring semester 2018 
      • January 22 
      • February 19 
      • March 19

Submit a Proposal

You can submit your proposal online using one of the following links:

2016–2017 Grant Recipients

Mini Grants

  • Douglass Leadership House – "Huet P. Newton Leadership Models College Readiness Initiative" ($1,000)  
  • Minority Association for Pre-Medical Students – "Regional Medical Education Conference" ($1,000)  
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers – "National SHPE Conference" ($1,000)  
  • Student Association for the Development of Arab Cultural Awareness in collaboration with Education for a Peaceful Syria – "Dinner for Peace" ($750)
  • Douglass Leadership House – "Black Male Caucus" ($110)
  • Japanese Students' Association – "Japanese Golden Week Concert" ($1,000) 
  • The PACT: A Personal Mentoring Program – "Making an IMPact: Celebration Dinner" ($340)
  • The Creative Minds Project – “A Free Art and Music Supplement Program in the City of Rochester ($400)”
  • Minority Male Leadership Association – "MMLA Annual Symposium" ($1,000)
  • Who Are We? – “Take Five Project: Exploring East Asian Students' Self-identities in American Culture through Photography” ($1,000) 

Standard Grants

  • Pride Network – "Bisexuality Awareness with Robyn Ochs" ($3,500) 
  • David T. Kearns Center – "Rap Sessions – Millennials and the 2016 Election: Reform or Revolution?" ($5,000)
  • Muslim Students' Association – "15th Annual MAS-ICNA Convention: American Muslims Islamic Duties and Civic Obligations" ($3,000)
  • Hillel at the University of Rochester – “Racial Justice Alternative Spring Break” ($2,000)
  • Joint Collegiate Black Student Summit Committee – "2017 Joint Collegiate Black Student Summit Committee" ($1,472)
  • Student Programming Board – "The W. Kamau Bell Curve: Ending Racism in About an Hour" ($1,500)
  • Douglass Leadership House – "Leadership in a Diverse World DC Trip" ($4,000)
  • Minority Association for Pre-Medical Students – "Annual Medical Education Conference" ($5,000)
  • Students' Association for Interfaith Cooperation – "Interfaith Banquet: Imagining Freedom with Mariame Kaba" ($1,600)

Additional Funding Sources

Visit the Communal Principles Project.