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Extracurricular Activities

Student Organizations

The following are undergraduate student organizations at the University of Rochester that are related to business.

Alpha Kappa Psi

The Psi Mu Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi is an all gender professional fraternity. We believe in pursing our passions and supporting each other in everything we do. Our chapter provides members with the opportunity to develop a professional network and sharpen skills applicable to a successful career in any field. Our members have diverse interests and passions and come from all years and majors. We also are not all business all of the time! Our members participate in a variety of community service projects throughout the semester and enjoy social activities, whether it's a lake retreat in Ithaca or just hanging out on a Friday night. Every semester we hold educational and networking events with alumni, professors, and professional leaders in a variety of fields–from finance to medicine to entrepreneurship. We also partner with the Simon Business School to hold workshops and events.

Forte Campus

Forté Campus at Rochester is the second chapter of a nationally recognized organization called the Forté Foundation. This club aims at creating a strong and supportive network of driven and ambitious undergraduate Rochester students, interested in supporting women as they expand their business and leadership skills through education, mentorship, and networking resources. The Forté Foundation is a non-profit consortium of leading companies and top business schools working together to launch women into fulfilling, significant careers through access to business education, opportunities and a community of successful women.

Meliora Finance & Investment Group

Meliora Finance and Investment Group's purpose is to enhance its members' knowledge of various investment methods and strategies in a diverse and conducive club environment. Membership in the club is appropriate for individuals with or without investing or finance experience but desiring to gain more knowledge of financial markets and investing. Being a member of Meliora Finance and Investment Group is a great opportunity to gain real-world experience valuing a stock and becoming familiar with the financial industry as a whole. The club serves as a forum for members to pool investing knowledge and to have fun. Novices and experts alike can learn from one another through an exchange of ideas in a group setting.

Meliora Launch Pad

Meliora LaunchPad builds a community of individuals who strive to initiate innovative ideas, share the experiences of entrepreneurship and inspire others to do the same. We provide a platform where students are motivated to explore the prospects of entrepreneurship in their own field. Through networking and educational opportunities, we will raise campus awareness, foster a network of entrepreneurs, and connect students with valuable resources and opportunities. We aim to nurture students to problem solve with an entrepreneurial and initiative-taking mindset.

University of Rochester Consulting Group

UR Consulting Group is a University of Rochester student-run, pro bono consulting service for the Rochester, NY business community. We connect engaged, qualified undergraduate consultants with the entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits who are in need of support services. We focus on advisory services including, but not limited to: business plan development, advertising, web design, market research, financial and risk analysis. We will integrate the newest market trends, digital media and student innovation.