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Advising Handbook

Part-time Student Status

A student is considered part-time if they are register for fewer than 12 credit hours a semester. Part-time students are assessed tuition at 1/32nd of the standard annual full-time tuition charge for each credit.

Students changing from full-time to part-time, or vice versa, should complete the Classification Changes Affecting Tuition Form prior to the beginning of classes. The form is available in the College Center for Advising Services (CCAS) in Lattimore 312.*

A student who changes his or her status to part-time effective after the first day of classes and during the first 50% of the term will receive an adjustment of tuition and other charges as noted on the Bursar's website or on the schedule available in CCAS.

*Seniors who plan to register for a part-time course load in their last semester should see the part-time student status (seniors) page.

Financial Aid

Students are strongly advised to check with the Financial Aid Office before changing their status to see how their aid, if any, will be affected. Priority for Rochester-administered aid is given to full-time students. Students with loans need to be registered for at least six credits in order to defer payment of loans.


Normally, on-campus housing is not available to part-time students.

Health Fee and Coverage

Unless part-time students receive permission to live in the residence halls, in which case participation in the University’s health plan is mandatory, no health fee is charged by the University of Rochester.

Health care coverage under the University-sponsored Aetna Student Health insurance plan terminates on the first of the month following the effective date noted on the Classification Changes Affecting Tuition Form. Aetna Student Health will send a notice of cancellation along with a bill to keep the insurance coverage effective on a direct basis. 

Part-time students are advised to contact a University Health Services (UHS) insurance advisor by emailing when changing from full time to part time status.

Academic Requirements

All normal academic regulations apply to part-time students. For instance, they are expected to declare their concentrations during the semester in which they will have earned 64 credit hours. Part-time students wishing to declare inactive status pay the usual $60 fee. Part-time students can register during the usual registration period.


The classification "MT" is given to part-time students who have accumulated fewer than 96 credit hours and "CA" for students who have earned 96 or more credit hours. Students classified as "MT" will register for courses with the junior class and students classified as "CA" will register for courses with the senior class. 

Students with "CA" status should be changed to the appropriate numeric classification during their final spring semester so that they are included in the appropriate commencement activities.

Students who return to the University for the fall semester following their scheduled commencement in order to complete their degree requirements continue to carry their numeric classification; this status is used for both full-time and part-time students, and the usual policies apply.

International Students 

International students studying on a student visa are usually expected to retain full time status. there are some special circumstances the permit international students to declare part-time status. Students should talk to an International Services Office advisor for more information. 

Additional Information

Students considering part-time status should also review acceleration and enrollment pages.