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Advising Handbook

Science Sequence Regulations

The progress of students who have earned less than satisfactory grades in the basic science courses has been carefully monitored. All evidence indicates the infrequency with which a student earns a C or better grade when that student’s grade in the preceding course was low. The chairs of the departments involved, together with the Administrative Committee and the dean of the College, set the following minimum acceptable grade for continuation in the sequence:

Course Grade Needed
to Continue
131 to 132 to 203 to 204
171 to 172 to 173
140A to 141A to 142
141 to 142 to 143 and 161 to 162
113 to 114 and 121 to 122A/122B to 123

Students who are not permitted to continue in the sequence, but who wish to prepare themselves for further study in this area, are encouraged to consider auditing the course in which they had difficulty, or re-registering for it. (See Repeating Courses) If students believe that mitigating circumstances caused them to do poorly, they may discuss their situation with an adviser in the Center for Advising Services, who will enable the student to complete an online petition.