Academic Honesty

Arts, Sciences and Engineering (AS&E) at the University of Rochester comprises a community of scholars who are committed to the pursuit of excellence in learning, teaching, creativity, and research. Honesty and integrity create the conditions of trust and open communications that are fundamental to our shared endeavor.

AS&E requires that all students and instructors respect the integrity of one another’s work and recognize the importance of acknowledging and safeguarding intellectual property. Academic dishonesty is a serious violation of the trust upon which the success of our community depends.

The AS&E Academic Honesty Policy is both an articulation of the kinds of behaviors that violate this trust and the means by which that trust is safeguarded and restored. All undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and faculty in AS&E must abide by the Academic Honesty Policy.

A detailed description of the Academic Honesty Policy for instructors, students, and staff is available at the academic honesty website. Students may make an appointment for confidential advising with one of the honesty liaisons at:

Staff are encouraged to guide students in ethical decision-making and in considering the impact of their actions and choices on others but are not formally obligated to report instances of potential dishonesty unless that dishonesty was practiced against them (e.g., misrepresenting permission for late enrollment, falsifying their signature, and so on). TAs, tutors, and student employees are required to alert supervisors (e.g., course instructors, CCAS personnel, and so on) to any concerns they observe while acting in their capacity as employees of the University but are similarly not obligated to report in other circumstances.