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Advising Handbook

Mid-term Grades

Students in Danger of Failing

Instructors are required to report any students whose work at mid-semester is below a C- or whose work is unsatisfactory for other reasons.

Twice yearly, the dean requests the names and grades of students in danger of failing a course. Unless the instructor requests others, the dean sends an email warning these students of unsatisfactory academic progress.

A notice of each warning letter is put in the student’s file and sent to the student as well as undergraduate advisors, faculty advisors, NROTC, HEOP, the director of Minority Student Affairs, the McNair/Kearns programs, the International Services Office, and Athletics and Recreation, when appropriate. Parents are not notified. Students who are not enrolled in the College as undergraduates are not notified if they’re in danger of failing.

The dean also asks instructors to flag students whose writing they consider deficient. These names are forwarded to the director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for follow-up.

Students Who Are Excelling

Instructors are also asked to report the names of students who would be considered to be performing at the “A+” level, were such a recognized grade. These students are also notified.