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Advising Handbook


An overload is when a student takes more than 19 credits during the semester. Students can request an overload by submitting the Drop/Add Form available in Lattimore 312.

Students wanting an overload at the time of registration are permitted to register for up to 23 credit hours. This is temporary approval only, and students are required to drop to 19 credits or less unless they meet the conditions that follow by the beginning of the semester.

All students requesting overload permission need to get approval of their dean (generally from delegates at the Lattimore counter). 

Students who choose to overload are still subject to the College’s Enrollment Policy, which does not permit students to accelerate their graduation by more than one semester. See the enrollment policy for more information.

*No first-semester first-year student can take more than three credit hours over their four full-credit courses. A mandatory lab is considered part of the course. A student in their first semester could, for example, register for CHM 131 (5 credits), JPN 101 (6 credits), WRT 105 (4 credits), and PSY 101 (4 credits) and remain eligible to carry three additional credit hours for a total of 22 credit hours.

In addition to the conditions listed above, deans should take into consideration that:

  • The academic load is necessary to complete the student’s academic plan
  • Six full courses normally will not be permitted
  • The overload course is taken for academic enrichment (see the acceleration page)

Office Procedure for Overloads and Underloads

A copy of the Drop/Add Form is kept and filed in the College’s Office of Academic Records. All approvals for overload requests at registration are contingent upon the conditions listed above.