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Academic enrichment with NO additional tuition!

Are you struggling to find the time to pursue a special academic interest that falls outside your rigorous major? Or perhaps you have recently discovered an interest but have run out of time to learn more? Maybe you're simply so overwhelmed with requirements that you have not had the chance to consider all that the University has to offer. If so, you may want to consider applying to the Take Five Scholars Program.

The Take Five Scholars Program, unique to the University of Rochester, provides an additional semester or year, tuition-free. It offers the chance to pursue a demanding major and still enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the broad-based, intellectual enrichment of a liberal arts education. Since its inception in 1986, over 1,100 students have become Take Five Scholars. The number of students enrolled in the program varies each year, with new Scholars accepted each semester.

If this sounds like something you'd like to explore, take some time to talk it over with your parents, your faculty advisors, and current Take Five Scholars. Think about a topic that you are passionate about but have not been able to study. Look through the Undergraduate Bulletin and online course descriptions, and list the courses that might help you attain your intellectual goals. Then begin to consider how you might incorporate them into a coherent and cohesive course program. You'll be on your way to creating a proposal for what may become the most exciting and rewarding time of your undergraduate years!

Take Five Information Sessions

Beginning in the Fall 2013, there will NO longer be information sessions to attend.  All information about the Take Five Scholars Program and the application process is now available through Blackboard in your Class Year Announcements module.
To facilitate this transition, there will be ONE SESSION on Thursday, September 12th in the GOWEN Room (Wilson Commons) from 3:00-5:00 to guide students through the new process.
In order to apply, eligible students must enroll themselves in the new Blackboard T5 "module", review all content in the module, then take the QUIZ.  A perfect 20/20 score will provide login credentials to the T5 online application accessed through a separate webpage.
T5 Blackboard Enroll Instructions
Only students who have successfully completed the quiz may contact Dale Hess (T5 Program Administrator) at with questions, or individual proposal advising. 

Take Five Semester Deadlines


T5 Program Recommender Agreement Form- due October 4th. Failure to meet this first deadline will make you ineligible to apply during the semester.

T5 Proposal and 2 Recommendation Letters- due November 1st


T5 Program Recommender Agreement Form- due in mid-February. Failure to meet this first deadline will make you ineligible to apply during the semester.

T5 Proposal and 2 Recommendation Letters- due 1st Thursday after Spring Break

For further questions, please contact the Take Five Scholars Program administrator, Dale Hess, at the Center for Advising Services at (585) 275-2354 or by email at

Take Five Petition

If you are currently a Take Five Scholar and need to alter your T5 coursework or schedule, you must submit the Petition to Change Course Schedule Form. DO NOT submit petitions to change coursework for majors, minors, clusters, etc.