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Interfraternity Council (IFC)

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) serves as the governing council for 14 of our 16 national fraternities. This council was established in order to form a more cohesive interaction among the existing organizations within the UR chapters that are members of the North-American Interfraternity Conference. Its main purpose is to ensure harmony among the University community and promote the experience that brotherhood can offer.

Alpha Delta Phi (ΑΔΦ),

Alpha Epsilon Pi (ΑΕΠ),

Beta Theta Pi (ΒΘΠ),

Chi Phi (ΧΦ),

Delta Kappa Epsilon (ΔΚΕ),

Delta Upsilon (ΔΥ),

Phi Kappa Tau (ΦΚΤ),

Psi Upsilon (ΨΥ),

Sigma Alpha Mu (ΣΑΜ),

Sigma Beta Rho (ΣΒΡ),

Sigma Chi (ΣΧ),

Sigma Phi Epsilon (ΣΦΕ),

Sigma Nu (ΣΝ),

Theta Chi (ΘΧ),