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EPA Internships in Europe

Internships in Bonn/Cologne/Berlin

For almost 30 years, the Berlin Wall was Germany's most potent symbol. When the wall came down in 1990, building cranes and construction sites became the new symbol, representing German reunification and Berlin's transition back to its historical place as the seat of the federal government. With that process nearly complete, Berlin is base of a satellite program for politics students while Bonn remains the main administrative center of the program and the base, along with nearby Cologne, for all non-politics placements. The consequences of reunification and the challenges this process continues to pose make this an extraordinary time for students of German politics, business and culture to live, work and study in Berlin, Bonn, or Cologne. Politics students intern in the offices of Members of the Bundestag, the federal parliament of Germany, now located in the renovated Reichstag building in Berlin's new government quarter. All other internships are offered in Bonn, a small university city with a rich cultural and social life, and in Cologne, a city of one million people, 20 minutes by train from Bonn. The internships require a high degree of proficiency in German, both spoken and written. Students work three to four days a week, and take two courses.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers "" Undergraduate Awards to highly qualified undergraduate students for study abroad, senior thesis research and/or internships in the Federal Republic of Germany. For details about these scholarships, go to

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