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EPA Internships in Europe

Internships in Brussels

Brussels is best known beyond Belgium's borders as a major international city, the principal center of the European Commission and the EU Council of Europe, and the main focus of activity of the European Parliament. It is also home to the political arm of NATO and the corporate headquarters of many multi-national firms. But Brussels is more than the "capital of Europe": it is also the capital of Belgium. Of particular interest to students of languages is Brussels' official status as a bilingual city: the Bruxellois tend to speak both French and Flemish fluently, and all signs, advertisements, and literature are in both languages. It is also a vibrant and energetic city, and its architecture (which includes a well-preserved medieval center) and its museums are considered to be among the best in Europe. The efficient metro system owes its existence to the establishment of so many international organizations in Brussels, but in spite of these, the city has managed to retain its essential smallness and is an easy and comfortable place in which to live.

The political and economic issues facing the European Union are of enormous importance to the United States, and American students of politics, international relations, history, economics, and business find much to attract them to Brussels, where they can get hands-on experience in the heart of this "new" Europe. Brussels has special opportunities for those already competent in other languages as well as for those who speak only English. Basic French skills for daily living are helpful but not required for entry to the program. All students' French skills are tested at the beginning of the orientation period; a non-credit multi-level French language course is provided for all.

Housing options: Most students live in shared apartments in Brussels and local staff make most of the arrangements for the students prior to arrival. Some homestay placements are also available.

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