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EPA Internships in Europe

Brussels—Programs of Study

Internships in the European Parliament
Interns in offices of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are involved in research, handling correspondence, and attending committee meetings. The European Parliament works on a four-week cycle: three weeks of every month are spent in Brussels on committee work and political group meetings, and the fourth week is spent in Strasbourg for the plenary session of the Parliament. Students make one visit to Strasbourg to see the Plenary in action.
Since English is the common language spoken in the European Parliament, English speaking internships are available in most offices. French language internships are available with offices of MEPs from France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Other foreign language internships may also be available with offices of MEPs from one of the following countries: Germany, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Greece, Spain, and Portugal. Placement with a non-English-speaking MEP will depend on availability as well as the strength of the student's skill in the language of the internship. Since there is limited availability of such members, these students must be prepared to accept placement in an English-speaking office if necessary.
The Brussels internship is not a French-language program; in the European Parliament, the common language is frequently English or the language of the MEP's office.
Business or Interest Groups Internships
Placements are available in most areas of business and in a variety of pressure groups and political organizations. Students should indicate two or three areas of particular interest. Most placements involve using both English and French to varying degrees (excellent French language skills are required for business internships). As the capital city of the European Union, Brussels business internships provide a great variety of opportunities.