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EPA Internships in Europe


The British National Health Service provides American students with an excellent opportunity to examine a nationalized system of health care delivery. An international internship presents an unrivaled opportunity to explore its practical possibilities, challenges, benefits, and problems. Students find opportunities in London they might not have access to as undergraduates in the United States. The program is open to all students, regardless of major, whose background provides preparation for the type of work they wish to do.

Health Care Administration
Internships provide work experiences in hospital administration. Assignments range from quality of care and efficiency studies to the organization of midwifery services. Students have been placed in administrative offices of hospitals and health authorities in different areas of London, in economic planning, health education and promotion, and nutrition.
Psychology and psychiatric
Internships present the opportunity for psychology majors to gain an exposure and level of experience not normally afforded to undergraduates in the United States. The placements can be research-oriented or a combination of research and clinical.
Medical Research
Internships provide hands-on experience in research laboratories or teaching hospitals. All teaching hospitals are associated with the University of London. Students have done research in respiratory diseases and molecular genetics, and worked in prenatal research, as well as in departments of chemical pathology, clinical chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, and genetics. Participants should already have some research experience.