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EPA Internships in Europe

Internships in London

As Europe's largest city, London is not only the capital of Great Britain, where the country's money, political headlines, and most of the other news is made, but it is also one of the three financial and commercial hubs of the European Union. Yet its political and economic importance does not overshadow its significance as one of the world's leading cultural and artistic centers. London is unrivaled for the excellence and diversity of its theaters, concert halls, museums, and art galleries. It is also a city steeped in history, as its vast array of monuments and sights pays testimony to. Despite its size, London is a surprisingly easy city to settle into, get around, and get to know, thanks to an excellent public transportation system and a particularly polite and friendly local population. And for good measure, the quality of life in this densely populated urban setting is greatly enhanced by the number of spacious parks and quiet squares in the center of the city and the wide-open spaces on the outskirts. All of these forces combined to make it the obvious and perfect location for our first program center, where we have been placing students in internships for the major political, financial, cultural, and historic institutions for over twenty years. Following are detailed descriptions of many of the different types of internship placements available in London.

Housing options: Students have a choice of housing options, either in an apartment, called "flat" in Britain, or in a homestay. Both options are arranged in advance by local staff. Students living in apartments live in a superior building in central London with 24/7 residential staff. The apartments are fully furnished and equipped and have broadband Internet access.

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