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EPA Internships in Europe

London—British Politics

Politics Interns
Work as research and administrative assistants to Members of Parliament, in law offices, pressure groups, party headquarters, and constituency offices. Interns work three to four days a week, and take two courses: a British Politics course and an elective. Interns do not need to be Political Science or Government majors. Students majoring in all fields who are curious about politics have gained immeasurably from these unique opportunities.
House of Commons (Members of Parliament)
Working for a Member of Parliament provides for an extraordinary immersion into the heart of British politics. Parliamentary interns are engaged in research, correspondence, and constituency case work. Students research local, national, and international issues, and write reports, press releases, subject briefs, and speeches. A three-month-long security clearance process necessitates an earlier application deadline of September 15 for spring and March 15 for fall. (Available fall and spring.)
Law Office Interns
Acquire a detailed knowledge of the British legal system by working for a firm of solicitors (lawyers). Most firms where our interns are placed are small general practices, which give students more responsibility and exposure to several areas of law: criminal, immigration, matrimonial, family and child, property, and civil litigation. (Available fall, spring, and summer session I.)
Quasi-Governmental Agencies
Offer research-oriented placements to students with specific interests, such as the Commission for Racial Equality, which examines a wide range of racial issues in British society (housing, employment, social, and legal policy) and the United Nations. (Available fall, spring, and summer.)
National Party Headquarters
The main political parties (Conservative, Labour, Social, and Liberal Democratic) employ interns in research and administrative units. (Available fall and spring.)
Pressure Groups
For students who are interested in the cause the group promotes, and who have a relevant academic or extracurricular interest and/or background. Typically, pressure groups deal with issues such as racial equality, domestic violence, women's issues, the environment, and AIDS awareness advocacy, as well as many other areas. (Available fall, spring, and summer.)
Public Affairs/Public Relations
Placements exist in the public affairs departments of various firms specializing in political work. These internships normally provide a mixture of research, organizational, and administrative work. Placements are usually available in the major political party offices, and with other agencies dealing with international affairs, such as Bosnia, the United Nations, and the European Union. (Available fall, spring, and summer.)
Research Institutes
Students with very specialized interests may apply for primarily research and writing placements in research institutes such as the Royal United Services Institute for Defense Studies or VERTIC, an arms treaty verification organization. (Available fall, spring, and summer.)