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EPA Internships in Europe

Internships in Madrid

Spain is one of the most dynamic members of the European Union. The economy has grown quickly, and hosting the Olympics in 1992, as well as major cultural events, has modernized and invigorated the world's view of Spain. Madrid is full of museums and galleries, parks, concert halls, cafes, and restaurants. It is an easy city to explore on foot or by using public transportation. Madrid internships require a high degree of proficiency in the Spanish language, both spoken and written. American university students whose native language is Spanish are encouraged to apply, and must supply evidence of being able to write effectively in Spanish, if they have not taken any Spanish coursework in college. Students who have a detailed knowledge or particular interest in a specific field should note this in a cover letter to the application. It is intended that students work three days a week in their internships. However, Spanish working hours, including very long breaks at midday in many organizations, mean that it is sometimes difficult to put in three full days per week and students need to be flexible. Students take two academic courses in addition to their internships.

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