Internships in Europe


Students will take courses in Spanish at the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, located in northern Madrid near University City and the Parque de la Dehesa de la Villa. It is one of Spain's new private universities and specializes in social science, economics, law, communications, philology, and applied languages. Interns have both library and student union access at the university. The following courses will be available and are part of the regular course offerings; additional courses may be available.

HIST 372M. Contemporary Spain. A study of the main historical periods of twentieth-century Spain from Alfonso XIII to present day. The Second Republic, the Spanish Civil War, the Franco period, the political transition, and the current state of Spain are analyzed.

SPAN 303M. Spanish Contemporary Novel. A panorama of Spanish prose from the postwar period to the present. Principal developments and analysis and discussion of selected texts. An examination of women and the novel in the twentieth century, the novels of the 1980s, and latest trends and perspectives.

ARTS 303M. Spanish Art in the Prado Museum. A study of the great Spanish painters in the Prado Museum, including El Greco, Vel‡zquez, and Goya. Composition, style, and social and historical significance examined. The majority of classes are given in the museum.

POLS 380M. Current Spanish Politics. Study of the Spanish political transition and present-day politics. Role of the political parties, the emerging middle class, labor unions, European integration and national identity, and the new democracy.

POLS/ECON 391M. Spanish Themes. This is a series of seminars organized by the university each week that cover political, economic, and social topics that are currently confronting Spain. If demand is sufficient, students may write a semester paper on one or more of the themes which will be assessed by the university and given a grade for credit.

SPAN 092M. Spanish Language. (Not credit-bearing.)