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EPA Internships in Europe


There are two housing options in Madrid. In a homestay with a family (casa particular) a single person or a couple rents a room in an apartment to a student and provides continental breakfast and the main meal of the day (generally at midday). The second option is a shared apartment, in which students share rent and costs and usually prepare meals together. The first week of the program is devoted to orientation. During this time, students are housed together in the orientation hotel, and move to permanent housing during the second week. Cultural and social activities are held to acquaint students with each other and with Madrid. All aspects of the program are covered, with special emphasis on living, studying, and interning in Spain. There is also a non-credit Spanish course that begins during orientation and is designed to help students quickly become effective in the internship.

Full course descriptions, syllabi, and CVs (curriculum vitae) of instructors are available upon request from the Rochester Center for Study Abroad.

Please read the Madrid pre-program orientation materials for more Information.