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Roger '54 and Joan Lathan

Home: Rochester, New York

Gifts: Outright current use, pooled income fund, Charitable Gift Annuity

For 37 years, Roger has been a tireless University fund raiser. This past November, he retired from the University as vice president and secretary. Although the University community will miss his full-time presence, the good news is that he continues to serve our development needs on a part-time basis.

What many people don't know about Roger and Joan is that they have been generous donors to the University. They have made gifts to meet current needs. In addition, they funded deferred agreements, such as pooled income funds and gift annuities.

Roger recently said: "Joan and I have a deep affection for the University. It has enriched our lives and allowed me the opportunity to meet many wonderful people. In considering our support, I decided to take my own advice and used appreciated stock to establish a pooled income fund accound and a gift annuity. In so doing, we avoided tax on capital gain, increased our spendable income, and guaranteed support for the University down the road."

If you would like to learn more about how to meet you philanthropic goals through tax-wise gifts of appreciated property, contact:

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