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Meet the team

Our leaders and team members

We offer expertise in news and social media, creative and brand strategy, digital and web solutions, media relations, leadership messaging, and change management.

University Communications
22 Wallis Hall
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627-0033

Phone: (585) 275-4118

Fax: (585) 275-0359

Presidential Communications

Leadership Communications

Matt Cook

Senior Communications Officer for Libraries and Collections

Tiffany Lankes

Director of Communications for Arts, Sciences & Engineering

Creative and Brand Strategy

Sarah Mossey

Senior Project Manager

Nicole Smith

Project Manager

Julia Josphe

Creative and Design Manager

Michael Osadciw

Creative and Design Manager

Phyllis Mangefrida

Senior Copy Editor

Adam Fenster

University Photographer

AJ Pow

Senior Video Producer

Brandon Vick

Digital Asset Management Specialist

University News and Social Media


Lori Packer

University Director of Social Media

Michelle Kleinhammer

Social Media Specialist


Jennifer Roach

Director of Internal Communications

Sofia Tokar

Deputy Director and Senior Editor, News Center

Johanna Lester

Digital Communications Specialist

Jeanette Perez Colby

Communications Officer, Arts and Humanities, and Calendar Editor

Sandra Knispel

Communications Officer, Social Sciences

Jim Mandelaro

Communications Officer, The College and Student Life

Karen McCally

Senior Communications Officer and Editor

Lindsey Valich

Communications Officer, Science and Engineering

Laura Torchia

Publicity Assistant

Digital Strategy and Services

Brian Piper

Director of Content Strategy and Assessment

Erin Wendel

Senior Digital Content Strategist

Phil Sennett

Director of Digital Services

Zack Bassett

Assistant Director of Digital Services

Alex Morrison

Senior Web Developer

Chase Corcoran

Web Developer

Mikey Vargas-Rodriguez

Digital Designer and Multimedia Producer


Camden Flath


Katie George

Assistant Editor

Liz Goodfellow

Contributing Editor

Media Relations

Peter Iglinski

Communications Officer and Media Relations Specialist

Athletic Communications

Ari Ross

Assistant Director of Athletic Communications

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