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May-June 2009
Vol. 71, No. 5

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The Constant Fire: Beyond the Science vs. Religion Debate
By Adam Frank
University of California Press, 2009
Rochester professor of physics and astronomy Frank explores the ways in which science and spirituality have responded in distinct ways to the natural human aspiration—the “constant fire”—to understand the world.

Neck Dissection
By Alfio Ferlito, K. Thomas Robbins, and Carl E. Silver ’56
Plural Publishing, 2009
Silver and his coauthors cover the latest techniques of neck dissection used to manage cervical lymph node mestastis.

Rivers to Cross: A Novel of the American Civil War, the Great Western Cattle Drives and Custer’s Last Stand
By Thomas M. McFarland ’64
Penny Lane Printing, 2008
McFarland tells the story of a young Irish immigrant from Albion, N.Y., his coming-of-age in the American Civil War, his westward migration to Abilene, Texas, and his final years as a survivor of the Battle of Little Big Horn.

Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini: Totalitarianism in the Twentieth Century
By Bruce F. Pauley ’67 (PhD)
Harlan Davidson, 2009
Pauley, a professor emeritus at the University of Central Florida and the author of five books on central European history, compares the personalities and policies of the three dictators and how their versions of totalitarianism functioned politically, economically, and socially.

Hijas Olvidadas: Two Contemporary Plays by Hispanic Women Writers
By Karen Spencer Brunschwig ’65 and Maria Montoya
University Press of America, 2008
Written in Spanish and intended for upper-intermediate and advanced college students, the book features two compelling dramas of identity and memory from Spain and Argentina.

In Beauty I Walk: The Literary Roots of Native American Writing
Edited by Jarold Ramsey and Lori Burlingame ’95 (PhD)
University of New Mexico Press, 2009
Burlingame, a professor of English at Eastern Michigan University, joins Ramsey, a professor emeritus of English at Rochester, in editing an anthology that explores the continuum between traditional narratives, songs, and ceremonies and pioneering written works from the first generations of Native American writers.

Essential Staff Training Activities
By Jim Cain ’96 (PhD), Clare-Marie Hannon, and Dave Knobbe
Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co., 2009
In a resource book for staff trainers, Cain offers lessons on leadership, teamwork, decision making, problem solving, character, communication, and trust.

Breaking the Silence: Recognizing the Social and Cultural Resources Students Bring to the Classroom
Edited by Catherine Compton-Lilly ’99W (EdD)
Compton-Lilly, an assistant professor of literacy at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, edits a collection of articles examining the connections among teaching and learning and the sociocultural contexts of schooling. Joanne Larson, the Michael W. Scandling Professor of Education and chair of the Warner School’s teaching and curriculum program, contributes a chapter.


Classic Cuts
By Music My Pet
Creative Sounds, 2006
Tom Nazziola ’88E, a performer on Disney’s Baby Einstein CDs, has re-orchestrated classical music to calm family pets.

First Things First
By the Devin Kelly Organ Trio
DPK Records, 2008
Drummer Devin Kelly ’05E (MM) teams up with Bob Sneider, an Eastman jazz guitar faculty member, and organist Dino Losito for his first recording as a band leader.

Peter Fletcher Plays Baroque Music for the Guitar
By Peter Fletcher ’95E (MM)
Towerhill Recordings, 2008
Classical guitarist Fletcher performs selections by Bach, Handel, and other baroque composers.

By Phoenix Rising
Copusmusic, 2009
Phoenix Rising, consisting of flutist Monica Williams ’99E, pianist Wendy Loomis, and a revolving guest artist, offers ambient world music intended to accompany meditation.

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