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September–October 2011
Vol. 74, No. 1

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Getting Back to Business

The announcement of the new undergraduate business major (“A New Major in the Marketplace,” July-August) brought back memories. I enrolled at the U of R in 1942 with the Class of 1946 because the University had just announced a new undergraduate business major. As it turned out I didn’t take any business courses until I returned after the war, when the stars were all back in place—Frank Smith in accounting, Eric Vance in finance, and Don Gilbert in statistics and economics. Al Gleason was also on board to help out with statistics. Some of those in the postwar program later joined the business faculty—Gordon Fyfe ’46 and Bill Gavett ’44, if I remember correctly.

With a strong faculty in the Simon School to draw on, the new major should be a success—and perhaps a drawing point for entering undergraduates.

Gordon Shillinglaw ’48 (MS)

Mesa, Ariz.

Arboretum Update

In your tour of the arboretum (“Tree-Lined Campus,” July-August), you mentioned the deciduous conifer, the baldycypress. I believe there’s also a dawn redwood as well. In my yard is the area’s other dawn redwood, a spectacular tree that always brings favorable comments. The tree has a notable history as well, with the most notable example of the species being the specimen in Winterthur, the estate of E.I. duPont in Delaware.

Michael Kallay ’81M (Flw)


The writer is an associate professor of medicine at Highland Hospital.

River Campus Memories

What a pleasant surprise it was to see the photograph of four of my classmates of 1934 in the recent Rochester Review (Class Notes, July-August). Harold Rand ’34 was my closest friend. The River Campus opened in 1930, and we were the first class to start there as freshmen. Our class was small and we knew everyone.

I received my BA in 1933 and so was the first to complete my undergraduate years on that new campus. The college atmosphere was warm and the faculty was excellent, including professors such as Victor Chambers, Ralph Helmkamp, Arthur Gale, and Richard Greene.

Morris Shapiro ’33, ’34 (MS)


The writer is a professor emeritus of surgery and a professor of emergency medicine at the School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Family Portrait?

The July-August issue of Rochester Review has something for everyone. In my case there are two pictures of great interest to my family:

Page 14 shows a new nursing graduate, my granddaughter Libby Geller ’11N, with her mother, Jean Geller (“Commencement 2011,” In Review). Later you showed a number of families with several graduates (“All in the Family,” Class Notes). Libby can claim her uncle Bud Kitchen ’51, Aunt Pat Wadhams Crawford ’44, cousins Sallie Jackson ’41, Bill Jackson ’38, Harold Field, Class of 1910, and Charles H. Wiltsie, Class of 1887. Yes, I am on the list, too.

And for the fun of it, the lovely picture on page 48 (“Tree-Lined Campus”) shows the gladed hill behind the library . . . the exact spot where I asked Libby’s grandmother, Anne Schaaff, to marry me in July, 62 years ago.


Charles Wadhams ’50

Fresno, Calif.

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