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September–October 2011
Vol. 74, No. 1

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FILM STUDIES Reel Time The University celebrates film and filmmaking with two notable festivals this fall.
filmsREEL STORIES: The Winner, a 2011 film directed by Wieslaw Saniewski (above), will be screened at the Polish Film Festival, sponsored by the Skalny Center for Polish and Central European Studies. Other films include Joanna, All That I Love, and Erratum (below, top to bottom). (Photo: Courtesy of the filmmakers)

The film image is an important piece of the city of Rochester’s history—celebrated this fall in two film festivals the University will host. On November 10, the Skalny Center for Polish and Central European Studies—along with other sponsors, including the Polish Film Institute and the Polish Filmmakers Association—will raise the curtain on some of the most highly acclaimed recent Polish cinema. More domestic adventures will be screened on October 15, when Rochester takes part in Home Movie Day, an event honoring amateur moviemakers and their films.

Polish Film Festival

The Skalny Center sponsors the annual, five-day festival, a survey of new trends in Polish cinema. This year, the festival will spotlight two recent films by acclaimed director Feliks Falk—Joanna (2010) and Case Unknown (2009). Falk and actor Pawel Szaida, a star of Wieslaw Saniewski’s new film, The Winner—which is also on the festival program—are scheduled to attend the event. For more, visit

Home Movie Day

Family favorites and found films are in the spotlight for Home Movie Day, an international celebration of amateur filmmaking. The event—locally, a collaboration between the University and the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film—salutes amateur movies as an irreplaceable source of cultural history and offers guidance on ways to care for and preserve home film collections. Visit the website at