Student leaders are an invaluable part of the University of Rochester's orientation program. Orientation Leaders, Welcome Week Leaders, Welcome Week Volunteers, and student organization members work alongside full-time professional staff to develop, execute, and support both online and in-person orientation events and programs that welcome incoming students and their families to the University community.

Orientation Leaders

Shape the future of incoming students' lives as a mentor and guide to the University.

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Welcome Week Leaders

Lead engaging events and activities for new students and families during Fall Welcome Week.

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Welcome Week Volunteers

Create a welcoming atmosphere during Fall Welcome Week.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between these positions?

These three roles fall into a hierarchy based on time commitment, pay, and level of responsibility:

  • Orientation Leader (paid position): requires the most time commitment with up to 40 hours per week in the summer and up to 10 hours per month throughout the academic year; has the highest level of responsibility
  • Welcome Week Leader (paid position): requires a significant time commitment and level of responsibility during Fall Welcome Week and Welcome Week training in late August only
  • Welcome Week Volunteer (unpaid position): requires a 20- to 45-hour time commitment during Fall Welcome Week and Welcome Week training in late August only; responsibilities include assisting the Orientation Leaders and Welcome Week Leaders with running events and programs

Make sure to carefully review the position details for each role you are interested in to ensure you can meet the required time commitments and responsibilities.

Can I apply for multiple positions?

Yes, but you will only be selected for one of the three positions. You can indicate that you are interested in applying to be a Welcome Week Leader when you complete your Orientation Leader application. If you are not selected for the Orientation Leader position, the professional staff will let you know how to apply for the Welcome Week Leader role. If neither of these roles are a good fit for you, we would love to have you join us as Welcome Week Volunteer.

I have more questions. Is there anyone I can speak to?

Of course! Reach out to us anytime at orientation@rochester.edu and one of our professional staff will be happy to answer any questions you have about the roles.