Facility Guidelines

Goergen Athletic Center Guidelines

For the safety and enjoyment of all patrons we have created guidelines to help each visit to the Goergen Athletic Center be exceptional. If you have any questions, please feel free to visit the Building Manager at the front desk in the lobby of the GAC.

  • The Goergen Athletic Center is a private use facility. All R Club members and University of Rochester full-time students must use a valid URID card to enter the facility through the turnstiles in the main lobby.
  • R Club members or students may purchase a guest pass at the front desk of the Goergen Athletic Center to bring a guest with them during their visit.
  • Guests or members under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Infants and toddlers are not permitted in activity areas.

  • Facility hours will change during scheduled academic breaks, reading and exam periods, summer break and special events throughout the year.
  • In the unfortunate event of an emergency please contact a Goergen Athletic Center staff member and Public Safety (585-275-3333).
  • Report facility issues to the Building Managers at the front desk of the athletic center.
  • Day use lockers are available during your visit to the athletic center. Items left overnight will be cleared out, placed in lost in found until claimed or until the items are discarded or donated.
  • R Club members or FT students can rent Lockers (full or half) in the Alumni or Aquatic Center locker rooms. Please see the Building Managers at the front desk for more information on how to rent a locker. Goergen Athletic Center members and guests may utilize facilities consistent with their gender identity.
  • Personal use of cell phones, tablets and mobile devices is permitted with headphones. Use of cell phones, tablets and mobile devices for photography or videotaping is prohibited in the locker rooms, aquatic center and fitness center. All additional telephone use should always be done responsibility and respectfully.
  • The Bloch Fitness Center and Speegle-Wilbraham Aquatic Center have posted guidelines specific to those facilities that are in addition to these guidelines.
  • Tennis, squash and racquetball reservations are made through the University of Rochester Virtual EMS System. Please write to Anna Dounce, adounce@sports.rochester.edu to request an account.
  • Equipment and facilities should be used for their intended purpose. Modification is prohibited. Please report equipment or facility issues to the Building Managers at the front desk of the athletic center.
  • Parking on campus is by permit only. Please contact the University of Rochester Parking and Transportation Administration for more details.
  • On the University of Rochester campus smoking is not permitted and only service dogs are permitted to be on campus and in any facility on campus.
  • Tennis courts are for tennis only.
  • White or neutral court shoes are to be worn on the squash courts. Eye protection is required on squash and racquetball courts. Squash courts are for squash play only.
  • A limited supply of recreation equipment can be loaned out from Central Issue with a valid URID card.
  • The Goergen Athletic Center is not responsible for the loss of personal items of our guests. Please leave valuables home and be sure to lock up anything you may bring with you to the athletic center.
  • Failure to comply with Goergen Athletic Center guidelines and/or University Policy may result in loss of access to the Goergen Athletic Center and other athletic and recreation facilities on campus.
  • Goergen Athletic Center, Aquatic Center and Fitness Center Guidelines may change without notice.