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Sportsmanship Code

In order to improve sportsmanlike behavior in intramural sports contests, the Intramural Program has adopted a sportsmanship code developed by Dr. Bruce Maurer of Ohio State University.  The intramural sports supervisors will strictly enforce the code.  It is our goal to conduct games in an amiable manner.  It is the responsibility of each player to do everything possible to insure that the game atmosphere is friendly and good-natured.  The following rules of sportsmanship will be enforced:


A. No player or team follower shall:

  1. Use abusive language, threaten or abuse any other player or intramural employee, before, during or after the game.
  2. Participate in a game for which he/she is ineligible.
  3. Argue or talk back to the game supervisor.  Only the captain (or “acting captain”) may address (courteously) the game supervisor concerning an interpretation of a rule.
  4. Intentionally strike, push, or trip another player.
  5. Mistreat the facility, equipment or supplies of the University of Rochester.


B. Penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct:

  1. Supervisor will eject a player from a game after two warnings.  The ejected player must leave the gym, field, or playing area at this time. 
  2. Players or teams can be barred from the play of up to a period of one year for extreme behavior.
  3. The team or player will automatically decrease their “average” upon demonstrating unsportsmanlike conduct.
  4. In order for a team to qualify for the playoffs, a sportsmanship average of “B” must be attained during the regular season round robin play.


C. Sportsmanship Ratings

  1. In order for a team to qualify for the post-season playoffs, they must have:
  1. Sportsmanship rating will be based on the following criteria: