NRT Trainee Team Presentations

The Practicum in Augmented and Virtual Reality (ECE 501-1) is the third course offered as part of the PhD training program on augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR). The goal of the course is to provide interdisciplinary collaborative project experience in AR/VR. The course involves small teams of students from multiple departments working together on semester-long projects on AR/VR with the guidance of one or more faculty involved in the PhD training program. The expected end products of this practicum course are tangible artifacts that represent what the students have learned, discovered, or invented. Types of artifacts include research papers; patent applications; open-source software; as well as online tutorials and videos for undergraduates, K-12 students, or the general public.

At the end of the semester, trainee teams of 2-3 have a presentation session for fellow trainees, faculty, and invited guests. The teams are also expected continue testing and refining their research and to present their practicum projects at NRT organized/sponsored events in the future.

Cohort 1 – Fall 2021 Presentations

Cohort 2 – Fall 2022 Presentations