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Policies & Procedures

Academic Policies

Class Attendance

Each instructor sets the regulations regarding attendance for each class; many do not make class attendance mandatory. Consistent absence from class, however, may determine whether or not students pass a course. When it is necessary to be absent because of travel or illness, students are expected to make arrangements with instructors for catching up on class work they miss.

Students who are seen at the University Health Service (UHS) for an illness or injury can ask for documentation that verifies the date of the students' visit(s) to UHS without mention of the reason for the visit. If the UHS determines the students should curtail activities in the coming days or weeks, the provider will give the students written instructions with specific recommendations. 

Students who are absent from class due to illness, family emergency, or other circumstances, are encouraged to contact the College Center for Advising Services if they need assistance in communicating with their professors or making up the work that they miss.

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