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Emerging Leaders Program

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The mission of the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is to facilitate the development of leadership skills, promote excellence, individuality and group cohesiveness among current and emerging leaders affiliated with the Office of Minority Student Affairs (OMSA) at the University of Rochester.

Through a series of interactive, innovative and culturally based structured workshops and team building exercises, participants will have the opportunity to discuss important social, personal, multi-cultural and other current issues. The skills gained will enable students to take on a more active leadership role in their respective organizations, navigate the University's departments and resources effectively, and engage both their immediate and neighboring communities in a constructive and lasting way.

Program Description

ELP is open to all undergraduate students affiliated with OMSA, although preference is given to freshmen, sophomore, and junior students. ELP is intended to help prepare students to be “well-rounded” and proactive leaders that strive for academic excellence and will be community participants. 

ELP is to be completed in one academic semester. The program consists of eight sessions of interactive workshop participation and it provides students with the knowledge and development to assume leadership roles on campus in order to make them more successful in their professional lives. The working idea behind ELP is that everyone has the potential for leadership, which is a unique life long journey.

Interactive Workshop Participation

The Emerging Leaders Program offers many workshops ideal for gaining new skills, which are applicable to any organization or personal enrichment. Topics may include: goal setting, time management, conflict resolution, brainstorming techniques, stress management, recruitment/ retention and many more. The programs are designed to introduce current and emerging leaders to leadership theory and development. Information will be provided through group activities, guest speakers, discussions, role-playing and introspective assignments.

ELP also offers workshops that review specific University of Rochester policies and procedures that current leaders need to be acquainted with in order to be productive within their organizations. Workshop topics may include but are not limited to:

Practical Experience

Through team building, group interaction and organizational involvement, ELP students will learn how to practically apply leadership theories. Team building, group interaction and organizational involvement require effort. Throughout life, working with others in team situations will constantly be presented. Students will have an opportunity to practice these skills by developing and maintaining relationships, offering support, and developing trust with other people in the group.

Knowledgeable Presenters

OMSA Counselors and a diverse group of volunteers such as University of Rochester alumni, faculty, staff and community leaders in the greater Rochester area are recruited to facilitate ELP workshops in order to produce exposure to a myriad of leaders and their numerous experiences.

Deadline and Submission Details

Please submit your application online by January 29, 2016.