Wilson Days of Engagement

At the University of Rochester, Wilson Day has been a cherished tradition for over 30 years. Wilson Days of Engagement (WDE) is a series of activities and workshops focused on Rochester and community engagement. This format gives students multiple in-person and online opportunities to connect with and learn about the Rochester community, in ways that interest them.

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve created an expanded array of activities making up Wilson Days of Engagement throughout the 2020–21 academic year. This format gives you multiple in-person and online opportunities to connect with the community. 

Participating in Wilson Days of Engagement allows you to:

  • Get to know the Rochester community through meaningful, personal interaction 
  • Learn about Rochester's strengths and challenges, and make connections to the city's rich history 
  • Discover the value of community engagement as part of your undergraduate experience

Wilson Day Activities

See the spring 2021 Wilson Days of Engagements PDF for a full listing of the WDE series for Spring 2021 hosted by CCE and our partners. We expect all first-year students to participate in at least two of our highlighted events per semester. Track your participation here.

Students who meet or exceed these expectations will receive a Wilson Days t-shirt and will have opportunities for other prizes. We’ll use the checklist in CCC to track participation, so don’t forget to check off activities after you’ve completed them!