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Undergraduate Students

Suggestions for Enhancing Online Lecture Experiences

  • Find a space with good lighting, minimal noise (headphones may support), and few distractions. Turn off TV and enlist those around you to be hushed.
  • Choose a chair that allows you to hold a good posture.
  • Keep a notebook for note taking nearby or an open Google document
  • Ask the instructor for access to the recorded lecture, or permission to record, and note separately in your notes the time stamps of when you misunderstood or were confused. Return to these sections and seek out help if you still don’t understand.
  • Keep a calendar for homework, project, paper, quizzes and exam due dates. Check and adjust your calendar as needed.
  • Beware of time zone differences.
  • Set reminders on your mobile phone and calendar to help you remember all the things you need to do.
  • Input on your calendar/planner when your professor/TA/workshop leaders office hours will be held for your time zone. In the situation that your time zone makes it difficult to meet with your instructors organize your questions and concerns to send in an email instead or connect with a classmate who can attend those office hour times to ask on your behalf. You can also ask the professor or TA to meet with you at a different time.
  • Keep your work safe and backed-up. Consider carrying-out essay and group project writing via platforms such as Google docs or box that automatically saves your work progress. USB Flash drives, if accessible, are also good for saving back-up copies of your work.