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Undergraduate Students

Study Groups

Study Groups offer an opportunity to study collaboratively with classmates under the guidance of an upper-level undergraduate leader who did well in the same course in an earlier semester. Study Group leaders are trained to address both course content questions and questions about effective study habits so that students can holistically prepare for their course work and exams in a friendly, low-stress environment. Just like more informal study group arrangements, the name “Study Group” is meant to imply regular attendance and a commitment to your peers’ success as well as your own; together, you can all be ever better.

Study Group Benefits

Scientific data about learning, some from right here at the University of Rochester, show that most people learn better when they study in groups, regardless of how well they are already doing in their coursework. If you are struggling with the course material, commiserating with your peers and getting targeted help from Study Group leaders can give you a boost in positivity and resolve. If you are handling the course material well, you can deepen your understanding by working with others and maybe even reveal and address some misconceptions you would not have realized on your own. Further, “misery loves company” and an hour spent studying in company is better than the guilt-ridden aftermath of an hour of procrastination and distractions.

Study Schedule

Study Groups meet weekly over the duration of the semester for one hour each week. Study Group leaders typically start hosting their sessions in the third week of the semester and wrap up on the last day of classes. The complete Study Group schedule is finalized and posted below during the first weeks of each new semester.

Joining a Group 

You can sign up for study groups through the course Blackboard page under “Organizations.” Study Groups are completely optional and have no point-based impact on your grade in the course if you do not attend. However, if you frequently sign up but do not attend, Study Group leaders have the discretion to remove you from the sign up to make space for others, as space is limited.

Resources for Unlisted Courses 

If you are taking a course you feel would benefit from having an accompanying Study Group, please contact Kyle Trenshaw so that he can look into recruiting a new Study Group leader for the course. In lieu of a Study Group, CETL offers several other resources for students looking to improve their study habits and academic performance in general. Check out our Tutoring and Study Skills Consulting pages for more information.

Become a Peer Leader

All open positions are listed on CETL’s jobs page. Applications open for Study Group leader positions at the end of every semester, and especially at the end of spring. If you a) took a course for which we currently offer Study Groups and did well or b) regularly attended one or more Study Groups in the past and improved your course grades as a result, please consider applying. All undergraduate students interested in making a positive difference in their peers’ academic journeys are welcome!

Fall 2019 Study Group Schedule:
Please check Blackboard for when your Study Group will begin.


Peer Leader

Weekly Meeting Time


BIO 110L

Victoria DriesmanWednesdays 6pm-7pmCarlson 310

BIO 112L 

Denes SzekeresTuesdays 7pm-8pmDewey 1-160A

BIO 190

Denes SzekeresTuesdays 12pm - 1pmDewey 1-160A

BIO 198

Gilbert GiriTuesdays 5pm - 6pmDewey 1-160A

CHM 131

Kathryn KangWednesday 7pm - 8pmDewey 1-160A

CHM 203

Chia-Yu (Yvonne) LiuFirdays 1pm-2pmDewey 1-160N

CHM 203

Arsalan FarooqiThursdays 6:30pm-7:30pm Dewey 1-160A

CSC 161

Gilbert GiriMondays 3:30pm-4:30pmDewey 1-160N

ECO 207

Nhi (Jessie) PhanThursdays 3:30pm-4:30pmGenesee 308

MTH 141

Aya AbdelrahmanThursdays 8pm-9pmDewey 1-160A

MTH 142

Greg MichajlyszynFriday 7pm-8pmGenesee 323

MTH 143

Ziyi YouFridays 1pm-2pmGenesee 323

MTH 161

Kimberly Llajaruna PeralFridays 4pm-5pmDewey 1-160B

MTH 162

Will SealanderTuesdays 7:30pm-8:30pmCarlson 310

MTH 164

Will SealanderThursdays 7:30pm-8:30pmGenesee 308

MTH 165

Greg MichajlyszynFridays 5:50pm-6:50pmGenesee 323

MTH 165

Abdo SarafFridays 8pm-9pmCarlson 310

PHY 113

Chanbin LeeMondays 11:30am-12:30pmDewey 1-160B

PHY 114

Chanbin LeeWednesdays 11:30am-12:30pmDewey 1-160B

PHY 122

Abdo SharafThursdays 8pm-9pmCarlson 310