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Undergraduate Students

Study Skills

Would you like to manage your time better? Prepare for tests more effectively? Take better notes? Feel less stressed about keeping up with your homework? Our study skills consultants are here to help! 

There are four main ways to get study skills help:

One-On-One Study Skills Support

Our confidential study skills support offers you individual discussions with a consultant who will help you improve your academic performance and efficiency. Your consultant will meet with you, discuss your concerns, and help you discover learning techniques that will enable you to enhance your overall academic performance.

All appointments with study skills consultants are free, and you may meet with them for a one-time troubleshooting session or on a regular basis during the fall and spring semesters. You can make an appointment by calling (585-275-9049), emailing, or stopping by the CETL office.

All three study skills consultants have experience working with a diverse group of students who seek to meet the demands of time management, organization, exam preparation and more.  Meet our consultants:

Picture of Ali Safivand
Ali Safivand
Ali Safivand has experience teaching and consulting with undergraduate students abroad and here at U of R for many years. Before coming to Rochester in 2012, he was full-time faculty in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) abroad. Ali has been working as a Study Skills Consultant and instructor at CETL since 2014. Currently, he is a PhD candidate at the Warner School of Education and Human Development in Teaching and Curriculum working on his dissertation.
Weijia Li
Weijia Li
Weijia is a third-year doctoral student in Teaching and Curriculum at the Warner School of Education. Prior to coming to Warner, Weijia was a Lecturer in ESL at several colleges in NJ including Rutgers and Bergen County College. She also received Master Degrees from both Rutgers and The College of New Jersey. Before coming to the U.S., she received her B.A. in English from Hunan University in China. 

Ashely Joseph Study Skills Consultant
Ashley Joseph

Ashley is a second-year Materials Science Master’s student at the Hajim school of engineering and applied sciences. She is from Brooklyn, New York and, prior to her time at the U of R, she attended and received her B.A. in Chemistry from SUNY Geneseo. At Geneseo, she participated in several student services within the department of Chemistry, AOP (access opportunity program), and Residential Life. Currently she is working towards her thesis with the Matson group and is also a Chemistry Study Group Leader with the Kearns Center.


Study Skills Course - CAS 142: Methods of Inquiry

In addition to individual sessions, study skills consultants teach CAS 142: Methods of Inquiry, each semester. This course focuses on issues that are relevant to learning effectively, such as time management, stress, test-taking strategies, and motivation.

This is a workshop-style class in which students are required to submit a number of short assignments and a short final essay. Students will also be asked to give an in-class presentation at the end of the course.

Fall 2019 CAS 142: Methods of Inquiry

  • CRN 16099 regular section meeting in-person (4:50 - 6:05 pm on Thursdays, Sep 12 - Dec 5) 
  • CRN 16080 regular section meeting in-person (4:50 - 6:05pm on Mondays, Sep 16 - Dec 2)
  • CRN 16078 regular section meeting in-person (2:00 - 3:15pm on Fridays, Sep 27 - Dec 6)

For more information about the course, please visit our office in Dewey 1-154, call (585) 275-9049, or email us!

Past Workshops - Finals BootCamp!!

Date & Time




Tuesday, April 30


Mastering the art of juggling during midterm week

Is the thought of studying for all your midterms overwhelming? We will show you how to manage your time so you can do it all and reduce your stress level.


Genesee 309


Wednesday,  May 01


Study-Life Balance

Finding a balance during times of stress is extremely important to maintaining your well-being and performing well on exams. In this workshop, we will explore strategies to help you do both!


Genesee 325


Thursday, May 02


Test preparation and planning

In this workshop, we will discuss ideas for creating an effective study plan and explain how effective time management can help mitigate stress and test anxiety.


Genesee 308

Friday, May 03


It’s time to sit down and study!

How can you prepare yourself to be in the best position to succeed? In this workshop, we will share tips to make the most of your time studying.


Genesee 309


Study Skills Printable Resources

These worksheets are a small sample of the many different resources we can provide you during an appointment.  Please make an appointment to review these worksheets and learn how to use them most effectively. 

Study Resources

Time Management Worksheets