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Undergraduate Students

Meet our Tutor-Mentors

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) tutor-mentors are experienced tutors that help with program development, while acting as regular tutors. If you are interested in being a tutor-mentor, email

JessyJessica Fabrizio-Stover

Hi all! My name is Jessy (she/her) and I am a senior studying ecology and evolutionary biology (BS) with a minor in chemistry. I do research at URMC’s Center for Musculoskeletal Research and on campus I’m involved in Greek life and a BIOL 111 TA. Please reach out with any questions!

Gilbert Giri
Gilbert Giri

Hey everyone, My name is Gilbert Giri and I am a junior majoring in computational biology from Nepal. I mostly tutor biology classes with some mathematics and computer science classes as well. In addition, I am a study group leader for BIOL 198 and 1CSC 161. I am an avid drinker of coffee and spend most of my time (and declining) in Starbucks. Apart from that, I am involved in computational neuroscience research and spend some time with the Badminton club. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Michaela FarmerMichaela Farmer

Hey everyone! My name is Michaela Farmer, and I’m a senior from Boston, MA pursuing a major in financial economics and a minor in business. I tutor students in general business and economic classes (ex. ECON 108, ACC 201, FIN 205, STT 213 etc.). I love anything outdoors or sports related and enjoy being a part of the Meliora Finance and Investment Group, AKPSI, and the Outdoor Club on campus. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment :)

Hana MamnoomHana Mamnoom

Hi, my name is Hana! I am a Junior studying psychology and business with a track in marketing. On campus, I am part of several organizations including Habitat for Humanity and greek life. Also, I am from Buffalo so I am happy to offer any tips on surviving a winter in Rochester! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

A portrait of Ashley Nielsen
Ashley Nielsen

Hey everyone! My name is Ashley Nielsen, and I am a member of the class of 2020. I am a neuroscience major, and I am perusing minors in health psychology, and gender, sexuality, and women's studies. Before coming to Rochester, I lived in Salt Lake City, Utah my entire life, and I still consider it the most beautiful place in the world. I mainly tutor CHEM 131 and 132, and I am the drop-in tutor for both subjects, Sundays 4 to 6 pm in the Tutoring Zone.


RockyLusine Keshishyan

Hi! I am about to graduate with a BS in Computer Science from the university of Rochester. I come from a small piece of land north to Iran, called Armenia. I am a big fan of mathematics and that is what I find appealing in computer science. Other than writing code, I also write fiction and watch movies. Do not hesitate to shoot an email or schedule an appointment if you think that would be useful.

Chris Sun smiling while holding a cat.Chris Sun

Hi everyone! My name is Qiuyue Sun, also go by Chris. I am majoring in Computer Science. Currently, I am tutoring several CS courses such as 1CSC 171,172, 173 and 214. I love to play video games and watch superhero movies in my spare time. If you have any questions about CS course materials, feel free to make an appointment with me!

Fatou Baka Diop

My name is Fatou Baka Diop. I'm a BS candidate in Chemical Engineering with a business minor (class of 2020). I'm from Senegal and I currently tutor for chemistry and speak French, one of my first languages. In my spare time, I dance (belly dance and African dance). If you want to improve your French or talk about Francophone cultures, you're welcome to contact me.


GregoryGregory Michajlyszyn

Hello! My name is Gregory Michajlyszyn, but you can call me Greg. I am a senior (eek!), majoring in mathematics. I'm from Imlay City, MI, but have moved around a lot and found myself here in Rochester, NY, about a year and a half ago as a transfer student from Michigan State University. I tutor in many math courses (I think all but five), and I’m a study group leader for MATH 165 and MATH 142. My three favorite things are running, coffee, and math (they don't always go well together, though!). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.