Our alumni community and chapter advocates are crucial in providing support, advice, and resources to undergraduate fraternity and sorority members. Both advisors and advocates fulfill critical roles to help current fraternity and sorority members succeed:

  • Chapter advocates are faculty or staff members at the College who serve as coaches, advisors, referral sources, and mentors to the members of their organization with particular attention paid to supporting a chapter’s Expectations for Excellence. They provide understanding of campus resources and the University as a whole.
  • Alumni advisors are graduate members of an organization, often having graduated from the University of Rochester. They provide a historical context for the organization, assist with connections to alumni, and provide knowledge of their (inter)national organization’s policies.

Interested in serving as an advisor or advocate? Contact John DiSarro, director of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, at john.disarro@rochester.edu.

Award for Outstanding Advisor/Advocate

This award was created in 2019 to recognize the achievements of the alumni advisors and chapter advocates who have shown dedication and commitment to their chapter as well as the University of Rochester community as a whole.

  • 2022 Winner: Andrea Barrett, Kappa Delta
  • 2019 Winner: Dick Rasmussen, Psi Upsilon

Meliora Collective

The Meliora Collective provides space for families, alumni, and students to connect with one another. Join the “fraternities and sororities” group to stay connected with other alumni and receive updates related to sorority and fraternity life.

List of Advisors

Please contact Fraternity and Sorority Affairs for the contact information of the alumni advisor or chapter advocate for a particular organization.