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Most of the rules and regulations that govern graduate students at the University of Rochester can be found in the Graduate Bulletin. However, there are other policies, listed below, with which you should be familiar.

Policy on Registering a PhD Thesis

The final oral examination for the degree Doctor of Philosophy during the regular academic year cannot be held until at least 15 full working days have elapsed after the dissertation has been registered in the Arts, Sciences and Engineering Office of Graduate Studies. 

Early Admission of New Graduate Students

Graduate students admitted for fall that the department wishes to bring in during the summer must be admitted and registered for the summer session by the June registration deadline. They must be registered for research or formal coursework and must show proof of health insurance coverage. The Mandatory Health Fee is prorated based on the current academic year fees. In order to allow adequate time to process, paperwork must be submitted to the Graduate Studies Office a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the projected start date. Required paperwork includes registration form, 506 indicating health coverage, stipend and tuition scholarship, and I-9.

Complete Programs of Study

PhD programs, approved by the department chair, program director, or their representative, are due in the Graduate Studies Office for Dean’s approval no later than two years after initial registration as a matriculated student.

Master’s students must submit their program to the Graduate Studies Office for Dean’s approval before the end of the second term (full time students) or upon the completion of 12 hours (part time students)

Programs of Study can be amended with Graduate Program Change Notice forms.

Examination Appointment Forms

Required for Plan A thesis defense: must be submitted for GSO approval with registration copy of thesis one week prior to exam date.

Required for the PhD Qualifier: must be submitted for GSO approval two weeks prior to exam date.